Our offers

At MFC Equity, as our mission statement says, we put great emphasis on providing excellent education in investing and giving our members the opportunity to apply that knowledge to achieve the highest absolute returns by managing virtual or real-money portfolios. Consequently, we provide our members with the opportunity to:


  • By analysing and evaluating investment ideas
  • By managing our virtual portfolio


  • By collaborating and networking within our international organisation
  • By remaining part of our community after graduation as well


  • Professionally, by achieving the highest possible returns on our investments
  • Personally, by learning at our biweekly workshops and receive personal feedbacks by our senior members

Whom we are looking for

Above all, we are looking for members who fit into the MFC Equity culture and share our values. Therefore, we encourage you to apply irrespective of prior experiences in financial markets. Rest assured, we will teach you from scratch, you only need to bring your passion, an open mind and a collaborative attitude.

Application process

We are recruiting on a rolling-basis with the following two-stage application process:

Covering letter:
We encourage you to tell us what you think the best exemplifies your personality, what your ambitions are and describe your existing experiences. We suggest you explain why you think you could be a valuable member of MFC Equity and what you hope to gain during your time with us. The members of the location you applied for will vote on your candidacy. You should expect a decision within one or two weeks from submitting your covering letter.

You should expect a 60-minute interview that will be structured into three parts:

  1. General questions related to your background and interest in MFC Equity
  2. Questions testing basic finance concepts and a brainteaser
  3. A 5-minute stock pitch followed by a 5-minute Q&A session – please prepare for this in advance. Candidates applying to our Macroeconomic Research Group shall write a 300-word article instead, on a chosen economic or financial topic.

Your interviewers will be senior members of MFC Equity. Depending on the senior members’ availability, this might take a few weeks to organise.

Application form

By submitting your application, you consent to our Privacy notice and authorise MFC Equity to store your personal information. For more information, please see our Privacy section.