Track record

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Investment philosophy

Our aim is to identify potential sources of alpha by employing a growth investing strategy through bottom-up fundamental analysis

Our tenets:

  1. It is possible to beat the market
  2. The identification of such qualitative factors that can generate above-average growth is more important than the quantification of the growth
  3. Our proprietary investment framework focuses on: industry dynamics, strategic position and competitive advantage. Those companies that can excel in these aspects are more likely to deliver above-market returns in any economic environment, because they are both better positioned to exploit future opportunities and more resistant to future threats and turmoil.
For more details, please read our full investment philosophy here

Investment framework

Through our proprietary investment framework we analyse five key areas to identify the best growth stocks

INVESTMENT IDEASINDUSTRYWe identify major trends that shape industries,look whether their structures are favourable andthe competition allows to earn above normal returns.STRATEGIC POSITIONWe analyse companies through evaluating theircompetitive advantages and value proposition totheir customers to select stocks with sustainablebusiness models.FUNDAMENTALSWe analyse the company’s profitability, efficiency,liquidity to assess the value created for its shareholders.VALUATIONWe look at company and industry multiples to evaluatehow they are valued compared to their historic averageand to its peer group.INVESTOR SENTIMENTWe determine how the financial communityperceives the respective company andwhether the technicals are supportivefor an entry point.Only those companies qualify for ourinvestments that are outstanding inall of the five areas above.SELECTED COMPANIES

Investment process

There is one investment idea evaluated bi-weekly that our members vote on, while monitoring and evaluating our existing portfolio. The related tasks are assigned to three roles within the club:

Analyst: has one week to screen the investment universe and select one stock for analysis whose ticker is shared with the members. The analyst has another week to write the investment report on the selected company.
Devil’s Advocate: once the Analyst shares the ticker, the Devil’s Advocate is required to simultaneously write a report that highlights key risks and weaknesses of the proposed investment idea. Once both reports are published, all members vote on the investment idea.
Portfolio analyst: is monitoring the market and summarising the latest news related to those positions that the club already invested in.

The three roles are rotating among members on a bi-weekly basis, therefore the investment process benefits from the insights of our diverse members.

Current holdings


Example reports

CyberArk Software Ltd.
Eversource Energy
Waste Connections Inc.
SolarEdge Technologies Inc.